Oh my Christ. Just slam those two white suits together over the centre riff raff, and there is no more divine foursome.

Oh my Christ. Just slam those two white suits together over the centre riff raff, and there is no more divine foursome.

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I wouldn’t trade my summer in Italy (filming Tea with Mussolini) for very much. It was totally great, being with Maggie Smith. I’ve been a fan so long, I acted just like the goosiest of teenagers! For the first two nights at dinner, I saved her cigarette butts. My friends back home are crazy about her too, so I had to send back three or four different sets. After a while, Judi was having dinner with us, and she [Smith] said, `Now, don’t you want Judi’s too?’ And of course I did, and I had them already. - Lily Tomlin

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Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective (1986)

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three covers for the viral campaign i shot for catapult.org - homeofthevain

even in 2014, the rights of women and girls are severely threatened by sex trafficking, slavery, child marriage and other violations around the world. international women’s day, observed annually on march 8, continues to spread awareness and garner support — and change — for women across the globe.

catapult, a crowdfunding site dedicated specifically to the advancement of women and girls, has released a startling new visual campaign in an attempt to make this year’s IWD “more than just a cover story.” the cover stories campaign features three mock magazine covers that highlight terrifyingly real human rights issues to push the conversation forward.

the magazines display the grisly names child bride, good slavekeeping and thirteen — wordplays on the popular magazines brides, good housekeeping and seventeen, respectively.

headlines such as "the wedding you’ll never forget but wish you could" and "who needs a childhood anyway?" float next to the young models. the cover of good slavekeeping pretends to cater to the human rights violators themselves, adding another dark layer to the already serious campaign.

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IM F**KING DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A+ work here, everyone. 

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"Another inveterate partyer during that period was Ernest Hemingway, who had arrived in London in May as a special reporter for Collier’s. Once in London (which he insisted on calling “dear old London town”), he took up residence at the Dorchester, intent more on drinking and womanizing than on journalism. John Pudney, a young RAF public relations officer assigned to help Hemingway, found him boorish and offensive. “To me, he was a fellow obsessed with playing the part of Ernest Hemingway,” Pudney said, “a sentimental nineteenth-century actor called upon to act the part of a twentieth-century tough guy. Set beside a crowd of young men who walked so modestly and stylishly with Death, he seemed a bizarre cardboard figure.”"

Lynne Olson, Citizens of London

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"People always ask me why I never actually attend the Academy Awards. I tell them the truth: I don’t think I can handle that much resentment. It’s the nature of the film business that no matter how successful you are, there’s always going to be Steven Spielberg (I call him Steven). It’s not Steven’s fault—he can’t help it—but he should know that one consequence of his career is that it makes the rest of us feel bad. My advice is to try to avoid what I once heard described as zero-sum thinking: that there’s only so much success to go around and therefore anyone else’s good fortune means there will be less of it available for us. Would I want Spielberg’s life? Not really. Certainly not the gay-stalker part."

Harold Ramis, in 2000. (PS. The stalker part.)

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If the current trend of remaking Paul Verhoeven movies with the satirical fangs filed down continues, we can probably expect a Basic Instinct update with Emma Roberts as an ice pick–wielding ebook-writer and a new Starship Troopers where … well, Ender’s Game inadvertently ended up playing like a humorless Troopers, so that only leaves a factory-refurbished Showgirls with the cast of High School Musical in all the key holes roles.


Chekov’s gun at the Antique’s Roadshow. 


i like outer space and hillary so i’ll let this bizarre new york times cover fly


i like outer space and hillary so i’ll let this bizarre new york times cover fly